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Learn Metaphysical Teachings Anytime, Anywhere!

Video Education

Metaphysical School is a Video-based Education Platform

Global Teachers

Taught by Metaphysical Teachers from Around the World

Metaphysical Community

Join a Growing Community of Metaphysically Minded Souls

What Does "Metaphysical" Mean?

Our definition of "Metaphysical" comes from both its etymological roots, meaning "beyond the physical", as well as its classical roots, meaning "a philosophy exploring the fundamental questions, including the nature of concepts like being, existence, and reality." (Wikipedia)


Metaphysical Teachings Organized into 8 Subjects
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Crystal Healing

Universal Wisdom

Human Energies

Intuitive Abilities

Guides & Guardians

Energy Healing




  • Video-based Education

    All Videos will be 20-30 minutes long, available in single lessons or in a series.

  • Preview

    Preview before you purchase! Watch up to the first 4 minutes of every Video for free.

  • Purchase

    All videos will be $8 and stored in your Video Library.

  • Progress

    Videos will be labeled as Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Level so you can progress within a Subject.

  • Rewards

    Earn Badges and Discount Codes for watching numerous Videos within and across Subjects and Levels.



Joining Metaphysical School connects you to a Community of like-minded people from around the world.


Make friends and message others in our private social media network.


Each Subject will have its own Discussion section and the School Chatroom will connect you to other Students and Teachers in real-time.


  • Cost

    The cost to join Metaphysical School will be $44 and include your first 4 Videos.

  • Account

    Subsequent purchases can be Pay-per-Video or be deducted from your personal Account.

  • Gifts

    Pre-pay for 11 Videos and receive your 12th Video free.

  • Referrals

    Refer friends to join Metaphysical School and receive 50% Discount Codes for Video purchases.

Know Where Your Money Goes…

With every Video purchase, $4 goes directly to the Teacher. All Discount Codes are subsidized by the School. There will never be ads as a revenue source for Metaphysical School.

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