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Interested in Becoming a Metaphysical School Teacher?

We are looking for Teachers who are deeply passionate about their Metaphysical subjects and want to share their knowledge with our metaphysically minded Community.

Teaching via a Video-based Education Platform

  • All Metaphysical School Videos will be 20-30 minutes long and cost $8 each (unless Discount Codes are supplied), ensuring consistent expectations for the educational product being purchased.
  • Up to the first 4 minutes of every Video will be free to preview so Students know the voice and teaching style before purchase.
  • Videos can be offered singly or in a series for more in-depth teachings.
  • Videos should be produced with high-quality audio and video in mind (specific minimum requirements can be found at Video Requirements and Tips).
  • Extra material, in the form of PDFs, are welcome but not necessary and will be available to Students after Video purchase.

Diversity of Many Voices

Different teaching styles resonate with different people. We are hoping to attract many Teachers who teach the same Subjects so that we can offer a variety of teaching styles and voices.

Marketing and Sales

  • We will announce new Video launches via the Metaphysical School front page, social media accounts, as well as the Metaphysical School Newsletter.
  • Every Video purchase will net you $4 USD. Student Discount Codes will be subtracted from the School portion of Video Sales.
  • Greater than 50% Discount Code promotions can be accommodated if desired and announced to the Community for increased marketing.
  • You can track your Sales totals via your own Teacher Dashboard.

Metaphysical School Goals

Create and disseminate a diverse, organized, and inclusive repository of Metaphysical knowledge. Connect Metaphysically minded souls in an accepting, interactive, and respectful environment.

Subjects and Organization

  • Videos will be organized into 8 Subjects with several Subtopics within each (current list available here).
  • Videos will be categorized as an Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced Level so Students can progress within each Subject.
  • Our topics are continuously growing and evolving, contact us to add a Subtopic to the list. All Metaphysical topics are welcome!

What’s Happening Now?

The Metaphysical School website and platform are currently in development and we are looking for Teachers to join. If you know a Metaphysical Teacher who may be interested, please share this page with them.

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