Community Rules

It is Metaphysical School’s mission to create a safe, supportive, inclusive, and fun learning environment for all community members. With that in mind, we have created some Community Rules for posting to the forums and connecting with other members.


1) Be Respectful

Integrate what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t with respect. It’s completely normal to not agree on everything. If you’re unsure a comment will be considered respectful, then be kind.

2) Striving for fear-free

There is enough fear in the physical and metaphysical worlds that we don’t want to add to it here. This is a community of energetically sensitive souls and we want to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone. 

3) Stay on topic

To make it easy for everyone to find the answers they’re looking for, keep comments related to the topic. If you’d like to discuss a different topic, you’re welcome to start a new thread.

4) No promotional spam

Please refrain from promotional posting from outside of the School as our goal is to be a fun learning environment and not a marketing one.

5) Give as much as you receive

We’re all in different places along our journeys. If you need support, we’re here for you. If you can offer support, please share it.

6) Respect member privacy

In order to create a safe and supportive community, respecting member privacy is important. Member contact details are private and not to be shared outside of the School.

Rules Infringement

Posts that don’t adhere to the Community Rules may be moved or deleted by our moderators. Members who don’t adhere to the Community Rules repeatedly may be banned from posting or messaging other members.

If you feel a post or private message infringes on our Community Rules, you are welcome to report your concerns to the Group moderator or email the School at

With love and gratitude,
Tina (Founder)