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October 4-16

HEAL your WHOLE self with tangible tools and techniques from over 20 powerful energy healing modalities to restore optimal health, harmony, and balance to your LIFE!



Discover new energy healing modalities in our 6, 90+ minute webinars



Receive personal support through our 6 Q&A post-webinar Zoom calls



Share your experiences with other Healers in our private Facebook group

Can you feel the global consciousness
shift awakening more Healers than ever before?

If you feel a soul-deep calling to not only heal yourself but others, animals, or our planet of trauma, illness and dis-ease, then you are HEALER!

It’s our mission at Metaphysical School to IGNITE your enlightenment journey and help you to PROGRESS on your soul path as the compassionate Healer that you are.

To support you on this path, we’ve created this Masterclass to share with you tangible tools and techniques from over 20 powerful energy healing modalities.

These are tools that can be used to heal your WHOLE self, including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

This is ENERGY MEDICINE to restore optimal HEALTH, HARMONY, and BALANCE to all aspects of your life and the lives you wish to heal!

This Masterclass is for anyone and everyone...

Offering Healing

✨ Curious about exploring a WIDE variety of energy healing modalities

✨ Wanting to WHOLISTICALLY heal their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

✨ Interested in adding powerful practices to their healing TOOLBOX

✨ Seeking to gain trust and confidence in their healing SKILLS

✨ Excited to CONNECT with energy healing experts and practitioners

✨ Ready to EMBODY their mission as a Healer or progress further along their soul path

In this Masterclass, you'll learn...

🌀 How to use 5 powerful crystals for healing the whole self and gaining insight into what needs healing

🌀 A magical crystal meditation for facilitating healing and clearing of all types

🌀 How to use Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and other sound healing tools with ease

🌀 A wide range of methods to heal and balance the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

🌀 How to balance your inner child, woman, and man energies with the Inner Family archetypes 

🌀 Tools to tune into your body’s healing wisdom

🌀 How to use the power of radical self-love to heal the whole self

🌀 Techniques to help heal the collective wounds of humanity

🌀 Reiki techniques for profound healing and bringing in freedom and harmony to your life

🌀 How to use the energies of the moon cycle for healing and flow

🌀 How the connection to your Guides can be used for personal and collective healing

🌀 How to use drumming as a sonic driver for shamanic healing and go on a journey to a shamanic dimension

🌀 An amazing shamanic Kahi Loa healing technique for balancing your elemental energies

🌀 How to bring balance and harmony with the energies of the elements

🌀 The transformative healing powers of plant energies through their essences and oils

🌀 The power of plant medicine master teachers including the process and outcome of a Hapé plant medicine ceremony

🌀 How to bring balance and calm to your life with immersion into nature








Masterclass Schedule

WEBINARS will livestream at 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT in our private Facebook Group

for 90+ minutes on the scheduled date below.

Replay links will be emailed the same day.

Post-webinar ZOOM Calls will start at 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT

the day AFTER each webinar.

ZOOM Calls will only be LIVE for participant privacy.

Crystal and Sound Healing

1. Healing with Crystals & Sound Energies

Learn powerful crystal and sound healing tools and techniques including distance healing with pyramid power, specialty crystal features for gaining insight into what needs healing, sound as a catalyst for quantum healing, and much more!

October 4

Human Energies

2. Healing with Human Energies

Learn wholistic healing tools and techniques for our human energies including how to tune into what needs healing, restoring balance to our divine feminine and masculine energies, healing through radical self-love, and much more!

October 6

Reiki, Moon & Spirit Energies

3. Healing with Reiki, Moon & Spirit Energies

Learn profound energy channeling tools and techniques including how to heal through Epicenter Reiki, how to bring balance and flow through the energies of the moon, how to heal through connection with our Guides, and much more!

October 8

Shamanic & Elemental Energies

4. Healing with Shamanic & Elemental Energies

Learn shamanic and elemental healing tools and techniques including how to work with your personal elemental energy signature, a guided healing exercise with Kahi Loa Hawaiian healing, a powerful shamanic drumming journey, and much more!

October 11

Nature & Plant Energies

5. Healing with Nature & Plant Energies

Learn natural and plant tools and techniques including healing with plant essential oils, flower essences, Al-chemia remedies, a Hapé plant medicine ceremony, nature immersion, much more!

October 13



A whole webinar dedicated to answering questions asked during the Masterclass and an opportunity to connect with our Speakers LIVE!

October 15

Faculty Speakers

Meet your host:

Tina Dubois is the host of the ENERGY MEDICINE Masterclass and the Founder of Metaphysical School. She is a crystal and sound healing facilitator as well as the host of the Metaphysical Musings show and podcast.

We have 16 AMAZING Speakers excited to share their energy medicine with you...

Click on their picture to learn more about them.


Invest in a WHOLISTIC healing transformation...

With your ENERGY MEDICINE Masterclass purchase, you'll receive:

Lifetime access to the 6 livestreamed webinars with over 9 HOURS of healing wisdom
✨ Invitations to our 6 post-webinar Zoom Calls for personal support and Q&A
✨ Access to our event-specific, private Facebook group to connect with our Speakers
Supplemental integration & implementation activities for each webinar
BONUS sessions before the Masterclass (for those too excited to wait until October 4 😉)

Money Back Image

If you wholeheartedly participate in the event and are not happy with the content, we’ll give you your money back!


Over 9 HOURS of healing wisdom AND extensive personal support!



Have a question about the Masterclass, the topics we’re going to cover, or a specific question you’d like answered during the event?

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The Masterclass starts on October 4!

Join us for a transformational energy healing event that will give you the tools to feel healthier, happier, and more whole.


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