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I am a practitioner of the healing arts. I am an energy&sound healer, open intuitive channel, facilitator of systemic family constellations, and teacher of deepening intuition. My journey has been through the depths of depression to the continuous practice of meditation, self-inquiry and Presence. Through this journey of mediation, and self-healing through Reiki; my mind opened up to the cosmic mind and I began hearing the guidance of angelic realms.  My work is a response to where we meet in the present moment. Responding to the trauma, pains, suffering; of relationships, family dynamics, work/purpose challenges, depression, sexual trauma, as well as soul loss, soul retrievals, energetic entities, etc.   There is something beyond and within our pain, shame, and collapsed bodies, the core wound from which our suffering arising. The displacement of feeling our hearts and ability to love ourselves, know ourselves. I envision a truly changed world. A collective consciousness that is awake and aware of the spirit of the Earth, and all of their abundance. A collective that is a awake and aware of the divine spark that resides within us all.

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