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I am an energy healer, teacher, and the founder of Adara Stream healing, where I help open your essential energy by releasing blockages of the heart, fears and sense of lack of love or lack of value by helping you to transform your vibration into one of love, allowing you to change your life completely.

I am a natural intuitive and always open to knowing and understanding the complexity of emotions and the whole of you as a human being. I offer my heart to help clients make real and positive change. My goal is to help you open your “essential energy,” the powers and perspectives unique to you. As a therapist, Adara Stream Founder, Sacred Activation Practitioner, Metatronia Therapy Master, Usui Reiki Master and a longtime teacher of angel cards, Tarot and Tarot Psychological Portrait, I help you to find your full potential while supporting your development and healing so you can integrate your fullest, most joyful, loving and strong self.

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Energy Healing, Guides & Guardians, Universal Wisdom, Divination




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