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Registered Herbalist, Certified Iridologist, Flower/Nature Essence Therapist, EAV/ Bioenergetic Medicine Practitioner, Contemporary Medicine Woman, Plant Protector, Land Guardian and Evolutionary Oracle


I have been an herbalist since 2001 in which time I have been honoured to help many clients heal, thrive and increase their sense of consciousness. The focus of my practice is on trauma recovery, archetypes, shadow work and psycho-spiritual healing.  My clinical practice is located in the Ammolite Healing Centre, based in Cochrane, Alberta. I live with my animal family and grow herbs on a rural property near Cochrane, AB which is a permaculture-inspired medicinal botanical sanctuary, chakra garden and herb farm.


I believe that everything on the planet and in the cosmos is part of one universal energy field and that every thought and action has the power to ripple out across the world. The human race is in the throes of creating a new way of living and being: our old ways of thinking and doing are no longer serving us. I urge my clients and readers that it is time to wake up, shed what no longer serves them and step into their full potential. Illness and chaos will continue to manifest in the body, heart, and mind until we embrace self-responsibility, empowerment and heart-centred, eco-spirituality. We can then become conscious co-creators with each other and establish a sustainable and fulfilling destiny on the planet for ourselves and future generations.


Follow my blog for intuitively channelled insights about our Human Ascension process and the embodiment of a new Human Evolutionary Template within ourselves.   My blog contains the latest themes, patterns, and common health and wellness issues that are affecting each of us and the collective consciousness as we upgrade and heal during this new paradigm of Love and Light.


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