Video Requirements and Tips

Information on Video Production for Metaphysical School Teachers

Video Requirements

  • Length must be between 20-30 minutes
  • Must include credits for image, animation, music, etc. sources as required
  • Content must be respectful, family-friendly, and non-denominational in nature
  • For first-time Video submissions, a sample of audio and visual quality is recommended

Video/Audio Settings Suggestions

Here are some guidelines for video/audio settings:

  • Video
    • RESOLUTION suggestions are 720p (1280×720) or 1080p (1920×1080)
    • BIT RATE can be 5 Mpbs for 720p (especially for a static background) or 10 Mpbs for 1080p
    • FRAME RATE can be 24-30 FPS
    • CODECS can be H.264 or H.265 (HEVC) (if you have another, and are wondering if it’s ok, just ask, we’re happy to help in any way we can)
    • FILE FORMAT preference is MP4
    • FILE SIZE should be no larger than 3 GB (if larger, please check that the BIT RATE is as suggested)

  • Audio
    • CHANNELS 2 channel stereo
    • CODEC AAC (low complexity)
    • DATA RATE 320 kbs constant
    • SAMPLE RATE 48 kHz

Video Tips

The faculty of Metaphysical School are not professional video producers, we’re just people who are passionate about sharing our metaphysical knowledge with others. Below are some helpful video-making tips we thought we’d share with our Teachers who may not have made teaching videos before. 

Content Tips

  • Please include a title image at the beginning of each Video for use as a thumbnail on the website
  • As up to the first four minutes of every Video is free to preview, content within this time frame should include a welcome, a personal introduction, the Video subject topic, and summary of key points to be covered
  • If the Video is part of a Series, a brief recap of previously covered material at the beginning of the Video as well as a preview of subsequent information to be included in future Videos at the end of the Video may be helpful for Students to progress through the material linearly
  • Use of images, graphics, text, animations, etc. are encouraged to help retain student attentiveness with their original sources credited as necessary
  • Please do not mention for the purpose of marketing any dated events, workshops, courses, etc.
  • A short expression of gratitude at the end of each Video would be appreciated

Recording Tips

  • Before recording, prepare your mindset for optimal recording
    • Assume a confident posture
    • Breathe deeply to calm, center, relax your body, and smile
    • Speak a personal affirmation about what you’re about to produce (e.g., “I am going to produce an informative and exciting video on…”)
  • Maintain eye contact with the central camera as much as possible (practicing this prior to recording can help with this potentially non-intuitive eye contact)
  • Use a teaching style that works for you (e.g. with or without a script)
  • Use memory aids for remembering all your talking points (e.g., whiteboard, computer screen, or post-it notes beside or behind the camera)
  • Imagine you are teaching your favorite person (attaching a picture of this person above the camera lens and looking at their eyes during recording can help with this)
  • Manage your energy for optimal recording performance
    • Schedule recording times during the day for your optimal energy levels
    • Stay hydrated throughout your recording time
  • Maintain momentum by editing out mistakes in post-production rather than stopping and starting the recording
  • Strive for excellence rather than perfection
  • Be your authentic self!

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