The Law of Attraction (2 Video Series)

A 2-part Video Series exploring the Law of Attraction!

A 2-part Video Series exploring the Law of Attraction!

In the first part, Anna Garcia will answer WHAT is the Law of Attraction? WHO are we and and WHY are we here? HOW do we manifest? And teach you to harness the POWER of the LAW OF ATTRACTION in your life today!

In this exploration of the Law of Attraction, Anna unveils:

  • The Law of Vibration as a foundation of the Law of Attraction
  • Who are we? Our origin as INFINITE intelligence.
  • What is the Law of Attraction?
  • How do we manifest?

In the second part, you’ll learn the SECRETS to MANIFESTING so you can attract in a more POWERFUL way! And expand your understanding of Law of Attraction in this Video Course.

This part expands on the “Introducing the Law of Attraction” Course and explores the following topics:

  • What are desires and beliefs? Why is resistance the only thing stopping us from getting what we want?
  • What is momentum of thought? How can we use it to our advantage?
  • Why is it valuable NOT to pay attention to reality?
  • Why is imagination powerful?
  • What is the purpose of goals?
  • PLUS, learn about tips toward the road to SUCCESS.

Understanding these points fine tunes your manifesting skills in a powerful way!

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