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Get all the support you need with our growing community of awakened, metaphysically minded souls.

What Metaphysical Archetype are You?

🌟 Are you the HEALER with a passion for caring for others?
🌟 Are you the SEEKER with a thirst for finding truth and wisdom?
🌟 Are you the MYSTIC who revels in their intuitive abilities?
🌟 Are you the SEER skilled in divination and astrology?

Knowing your metaphysical archetype is the first step in understanding your soul path, helping you to progress on your enlightenment journey.

IGNITE your Enlightenment Journey!

Looking for answers? You're a Seeker!

In this video, our Founder, Tina Dubois, welcomes you to the School and shares its mission along with a few of our Video Courses already available.

She shares what it means to be a Seeker and how the School can help you find answers, healing tools, and more!

Tina also shares WHY community is so important for us metaphysically minded souls while progressing on our enlightenment journeys.

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Dear Awakened Soul,

We know that AWAKENING can be challenging, WE’RE HERE TO HELP if you’re feeling…


  • That you’re going crazy because you’re experiencing and know things that you can’t explain.
  • Of coming out of the metaphysical closet and facing judgment and criticism from your friends and family.


  • Like you’re the only one who’s having experiences outside of what’s considered “normal”.
  • Lacking a receptive ear or support system that understands what you’re going through.


  • By having zero coping skills to deal with your new experiences and psychic information.
  • By the sheer volume of information available on metaphysical subjects and not knowing what’s your truth.


  • Not knowing what your soul purpose might be or feeling uncertain which paths to pursue to fulfill that purpose.
  • Feeling stuck and unable to progress along the path that is calling your soul.
An AWAKENED SOUL is open to receiving information through their intuitive senses.

ENLIGHTENMENT is the discovery of truth about yourself, the world, and the universe.

We can help you ENLIGHTEN into BEING...



  • Build trust and confidence in your intuition, gaining wisdom through experience with our weekly intuitive activities.
  • Learn from the diversity of many voices from our global Faculty of  Teachers.


  • Feel a deep sense of belonging within our community of awakened, metaphysically minded souls.
  • Learn to connect with and interpret messages from your intuition and spirit team.


  • Learn tips and techniques to function and flourish as the amazing, energetically sensitive soul that you are.
  • Practice a myriad of ways of using energy to benefit your day-to-day life.


  • Know the steps aligned with your unique soul paths and what you need to progress as far as you desire.
  • Ask for guidance anytime from those who have travelled the same paths as you are now.

ORGANIZED Metaphysical Wisdom...

We’ve organized our metaphysical knowledge and wisdom into 8 Subjects to make it EASY to find the answers you’re looking for…

Click on any Subject image to see our currently available Video Courses.

Their metaphysical properties, using, choosing, clearing, charging, programming, grids, layouts, and more!

Different types of energy healing like Reiki, acupressure, shamanism, sound, elemental, quantum, and more!

Including the chakras, meridians, the divine feminine, the human energy field, emotional transformation, and more!

Including numerology, archetypes, the law of attraction, akashic records, ancient Egyptian wisdom, and more!

The clair senses, empath skills, mediumship, psychometry, animal communication, channeling, and more!

Connecting with our spirit team including angels, archangels, ancestors, galactic guides, power animals, and more!

Divination tools including tarot & oracle cards, dowsing, scrying, runes, the I Ching, palmistry, pendulums, and more!

All things astrological including lunar phases, planetary influences, the zodiac, charts, calendars, systems, and more!

benefits of enrolling

Members receive...


Access to buy our Video Courses and Masterclasses, with 2 FREE included every month with NEW Courses added all the time.


Build TRUST and CONFIDENCE in your INTUITION with our weekly intuitive activities, gaining wisdom through experience and practice.


Access to our private online Community, Groups, and Forums so you can ask questions, receive support, and CONNECT with our Faculty and Students.


All Members are automatically included in our AFFILIATE program, rewarding you with credit towards your next Video Course choices for membership referrals.

Passionately Enlightening Teachers

Our Faculty is a collective of metaphysical Teachers from around the world who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and wisdom to help YOU heal, learn, and grow in our interactive and supportive community.

Let's Awaken Together!

Awaken with EASE and GRACE in a community of metaphysically minded souls passionate about helping you PROGRESS on your soul path!



Connect with a tribe of like-minded people from around the world.



Make friends and message others in our private social network.


Ask questions and get answers in our extensive discussion forums.



Share your experiences in our weekly Zoom Community Calls.

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Metaphysical School

Metaphysical School is a video course and community membership helping AWAKENED SOULS progress on their soul path, build TRUST in their intuition, and IGNITE their enlightenment journey!

If you’re feeling afraid, alone, overwhelmed or lost, we can help you ENLIGHTEN into being wise, connected, centered, and aligned on the next steps of your soul path!

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