Masterclass Video Recording Instructions

Welcome to my resource for recording your ENERGY MEDICINE Masterclass video segment!

This page contains General Instructions for all Speakers as well as specific recording instructions depending on HOW you’d like to record your segment.

You have two options for recording your  Masterclass video segment (instructions for each are below):

  1. Schedule a video recording session with me and we’ll record it together with StreamYard
  2. Record your video yourself

General Instructions for all Speakers...

Here are a few instructions for all Speakers regarding your ENERGY MEDICINE Masterclass video segment:

  1. Please record as close to 15 minutes for your segment as you can (without going over 🙏). To be sure of your timing, please practice your segment a few times before recording.
  2. As always, we are striving for fear-free and evergreen content so please do not mention any time-dependent events (for example, rather than referencing covid/pandemic, you can refer to healing techniques for boosting immunity 😉).
  3. Please DO NOT introduce yourself as I will introduce you and your segment BEFORE your recording.
  4. You are more than welcome to begin your segment with something like, “Thank you, Tina, I’m very happy to share my wisdom on …. in this ENERGY MEDICINE Masterclass.” And then go straight into your teaching segment.
  5. During your segment, please share a bit of an introduction for your modality, perhaps something about the specific benefits of using this modality, and one or more healing tools or techniques for anyone to easily use at home for healing themselves, their loved ones, and/or their clients.
  6. It’s always wonderful to end a video segment by giving gratitude to our audience for watching. 😉
  7. You have from now until August 31 to submit your video recording although I recommend sooner rather than later because my calendar is limited and will fill up with the number of Speakers we have for this year’s Masterclass.
  8. I will send you additional instructions via email for submitting your headshot as well as your short bio (used in email marketing) and long bio (used to introduce you and your segment during the webinars).

1. Scheduling a video recording session with me...

I’m very happy to record your Masterclass video segment together! 
To schedule this, please pick a time from my Calendar Link and choose “StreamYard” as your call option.

If you’ve never been on StreamYard with me before, you’re very welcome to schedule a “check-in” call first and then another call for your actual video recording call. This way, we can make sure your audio, video, and lighting equipment are all ready to go on the day you’d like to record your segment.

We’re going to record your segment in one shot so, again, please practice your segment a few times so you’re comfortable with its timing and delivery.

2. Record your video yourself...

If you’re comfortable recording your Masterclass video segment yourself, please feel free to do so.
Here are some important instructions for recording your video yourself:

  1. Please DO NOT include any overlay elements including your name, your logo, or any other logos (like Zoom or StreamYard) on your video as I will add all overlays in post-production for consistency.
  2. You’re more than welcome to include a slide presentation if you’d like but please keep maximum readability in mind.
  3. Please record your segment in one shot so as to minimize distracting post-production editing so, again, please practice your segment a few times before your actual recording so you’re comfortable with its timing and delivery.
  4. Please record in 1280 x 720 resolution.
  5. Please send your video in .mp4 format.
  6. You’re welcome to send me a Google Drive or WeTransfer link to share your video with me.

Have Questions?

If you have ANY questions about your Masterclass video recording, PLEASE feel free to ask me anytime. 🙏
Is there something I could add to this resource to make your video recording easier, let me know! 😊
You can send me a PM through the School Community or send me an email.
I’m also VERY HAPPY to schedule a call with you to help you in any way I can.

With so much love and gratitude,
Tina 💜🙏