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Welcome! I’m so thrilled to share this overview of the spiritual work that I do! I offer compassionate, down-to-earth intuitive healing, guidance, and mentoring for those who are open to what is beyond this physical world. Weaving into my individual and group sessions elements of reiki, angelic healing, akashic records, guidance from spirit and messages from loved ones who have passed on – I aim to empower people to find their way forward after clearing away what no longer serves. In teaching, my goal is to make the development of your spiritual and healing abilities simple and straightforward. There is no one right way, no one right answer – in spiritual work and healing. It is all about being guided to what truly feels right.

AND you can learn more about how easy it is to connect with your Guides and receive their intuitive messages in my Metaphysical Musings episode: “Connecting with Your Guides – It’s Easier than You Think!

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