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Carrie Farmer is an Intuition Encouragement Coach assisting sensitive heroes on their journey to recognize every challenge faced is an invitation to allow the beauty of delicacy and grace from the heart to answer the World’s pain and suffering.

Having come through many personal challenges, I have learned to trust Self-Actualization is a process and an important part of personal mastery.

Understanding the SHero journey is my passion. It is the path of empathic and compassionate heart-centered souls; sensitive souls/spirits who often feel lost in the world of egos, but in actuality, they are another type of misunderstood Hero.

Historically it is SHeroes who transform experiences of pain and suffering into unity and conscious awareness; assuring humanity that LOVE is the answer to finding our ties that bind, and leading us to a sense of peace, harmony, security, and true courage empowering strengths.

Carrie is also the creator of an intuitive system called Soul Life Treasure Hunt, which assists those interested in connecting more intimately with their inner guidance and building trust in their Higher Self, using a game board platform concept. This system is flexible and useful for doing personal life coaching sessions, as well as creating inspiring conversations with others when used in groups. To learn more, visit:  https://carrie1586.miestro.com/p/landing-SLTH1

To learn more about the S/HERO Self Confidence Connections group, visit:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/sheroselfconfidenceconnections

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