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Crystal Ra is a New Time Coach focusing on holistic harmony and wellness. Her extensive travels and experiences, as well as various healing modalities, have given her many tools to help her clients holistically change their lives for the better through higher self awareness and techniques to heal the body, mind, and spirit so they can take better care of themselves and continue to co-create their dream lives.

She’s been a life coach for over 20 years, practicing internationally including in South Africa, Estonia, Norway, Mexico, and Hawaii. She started with Angel Therapy and progressed to Auratransformation, Tantra programs, and Mind, Body, and Belief Pattern Release.

She’s developed own programs including Water Therapy, which she calls Wantra, her own Abundance Wheel online program, AND her own Inner Family Archetype coaching program. She’s recently added Wildfit coaching about food freedom and holistic health to her healing repertoire as well to help her clients navigate to the new futures they desire deep inside.

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