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It was the two significant losses of my brother and then my father that awakened my consciousness and deepened my layers of spirituality and intuition. I felt compelled to explore and develop my spiritual beliefs and understandings. Introduced to oracle cards in the late 1990s, I discovered clarity and guidance through this amazing tool. I connected with angels and guides for myself, my friends and family until 2000 when I began my business officially. Since then I’ve been learning, developing and teaching people how to reconnect with the Divine.


When I relocated to Saskatoon, the Universe brought special  people in to my life. These new connections aided in creating a weekly spiritual gathering group providing community for like-minded souls thirsting for deeper connection. My life has included raising a family and being an elementary school teacher in Manitoba. These experiences have helped pave the way for me to understand my Sacred Contract Рto teach and guide people about Spirit and their birthright to love and light. My optimism, enthusiasm and clear descriptions lead one to deeper connections with their own beliefs.

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