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I was born in Philadelphia and I was raised with many animals. We had dogs, cats, a one-eyed pigeon, a parrot and pet mice. The animals were my best friends, they were always there for me, especially during difficult times. In all my 44 years on this earth, I have always surrounded myself with animals.

I was inspired to become an animal communicator after watching the documentary about Anna Breytenback where she communicates with a black leopard named Spirit.

I completed Marta Williams’ Professional Animal Communicator Program in January 2016.  I am passionate about this work because it offers the link to create an ethical future for the planet.  Animal communication helps people relate to nature and all animals, even the ones we have been historically mistreating, such as farm animals.  Most importantly, I help people re-connect with themselves. If we all learn the skills of intuitive communication, our existence on earth has the potential to be peaceful, loving and safe.

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