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Lisa Matthews supports Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) who feel overwhelmed in their everyday life to nourish their nervous system & soothe their spirit by accessing their grounded intuition.

She is a Self-Development Coach and a Registered Craniosacral Therapist who also creates custom Flower Essence blends. Lisa’s been in the healing arts for over a decade with a background as a Registered Nurse.

Lisa is the Creatress of Highly Sensitive Soul School, an online center dedicated to helping HSPs learn nervous system tools & intuitive practices so that they can thrive in life with the gifts of being Highly Sensitive. She is also the owner of Combination Healing in Rossland, BC.

Her own healing journey, from persistent (chronic) pain to deep anxiety after a challenging spiritual awakening, has taught her more than any book or course ever could. These experiences, from the mountains to the valleys, have greatly enriched her life and she now seeks to share what she’s learned with others, while supporting them as they awaken their own inner gifts and wisdom.

When not teaching or in sessions, you’ll likely find Lisa on her skis, her bike, or in the forest happily talking to the trees.

AND you can learn more about how to take the best care of your highly sensitive, empathic, and/or intuitive self in her Metaphysical Musings¬†episode: “Human Energies with Lisa Matthews – Sacred Self-Care for Highly Sensitive Souls!


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