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For the past eight years, I have studied several healing modalities leading me to becoming a Reiki Master, AEP-Angel Practitioner and Primus Energy Practitioner. I was certified as a Crystal Resonance Therapist, by Naisha Ahsian, co-author of The Book of Stones, after two years of study. This was an amazing journey of healing myself through meditations linked to the intuitive use of crystals for healing/cleansing one’s body. Through these studies I have connected with many Spirit Guides. Artistically, I have always had many creative pursuits, however only painted one portrait in high school before I was quickly sidetracked as I began my ‘real life experiences’. I restarted my art a couple of years ago, drawing my first charcoal portrait…and then once more got sidetracked. Somehow I always believed that I would be an artist in retirement!

In Alaska, I was introduced to the Spiritualist teachings and met my Master Teachers and was told that I was a Spiritual Psychic Artist, of which they detailed my upcoming journey…all of which is unfolding just as they said. Since then I have now drawn over 1000 Spirit Guides and/or those in spirit for clients while channeling messages. I feel very humbled by comments from clients that include, ‘what a profound experience’, ‘amazing connection’ and the many healing journeys that have begun. I AM blessed!

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