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I am an Empath, a Heart Reader, a Healer, and Business Mentor from West Auckland, New Zealand and I want you to rise! I want you to prosper on purpose. To see the impact you make in the world amplified and celebrated, because I know what you have endured and suffered to even get here. Your faith, perseverance and wisdom has brought you this far – I want to see you go all the way!

I have been in business for over 13 years and written 4 books. I teach empaths who are seeking to turn the burden of being an empath into the embodiment of healing presence. I help Empaths to know how to discern there own hearts, emotionally meet there own needs, read situations accurately and trust there perception implicitly so that they have an unshakable sense of trust, confidence and safety within. I specialize in helping empaths to discover the meaning, purpose and power of their abilities, and want to deepen into our sacred gifts.

AND you can learn more about prospering on purpose in my Metaphysical Musings episode: “Rebellious Business: FEMININE PROSPERITY!

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