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Hello. I am a holistic practitioner from New York. My healing modalities utilize my empatheic and intuitive  abilities. I’ve enjoyed hosting and producing inspiring shows on streaming platforms such as Angels God & Me and Dream Reality. My vision of positivity includes writing and painting. My books are available on Amazon:  The White Light Prophecies, Earthly and the Gemstones,  My Dream Journal: A Personal Diary of Messages, Signs & Symbols to Guide Me

I have utilized my clairvoyant gifts for the past seven years as a certified Intuitive Wisdom Coach and Reiki Master. Through my mind’s eye I sense energy and vibration allowing me to receive images, symbols, divine messages, visions and premonition dreams. My many years of clients have ranged from stay-at-home moms, business professionals, musicians, corporate GM’s, to elementary school teachers and large groups at corporate events for national brands.

I’m an ordained Minister, Order of Melchizidek.

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