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My journey originated from loss, to awakening, and ultimately my re-birth. I experienced tragedy, trauma, and situations where blame cut so deep I wasn’t sure I had the strength to live in this lifetime. I have endured long periods of personal conflict, emotional heaviness, and learned to find strength in the face of darkness. Every belief I held was challenged and de-constructed. I had my identity stripped away many times, and spent years re-building and re-discovering who I am at my essence.

I believe traumatic events trigger our awakening and ask us to find nuggets of wisdom in our pain; If we are willing to stay the course, there are always blessings waiting to be discovered.

All of my experiences called me to the work of soul healing, psychic healing, shamanic practices and energy healing. I am a Full Mesa Carrier, Shamanic Practitioner, and initiate of the Q’ero Shaman lineage of Peru which is comprised of medicine men and women. As a caretaker of the Earth, I weave ancient traditions into modern day living using energy healing and shamanic practices to shift the momentum of your life.

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Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Intuitive Abilities, Human Energies, Guides & Guardians, Universal Wisdom, Divination




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