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I am an energy shaman, an energy chameleon, following the flow of energy to the epicenters that are ready to facilitate healing on all levels.

I am an intuitive soul, bringing my own experiences into my teachings. Often working in the Quantum space, I step into a high level of awareness and my tools facilitate healing for you, over many aspects of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions. My Soul Readings are literally spiritual how to’s and a strong confirmation of the tools in my book, “A Spiritual How-To which is the cornerstone of what I bring to you and so much more… Whether stepping into singular sessions, working one on one in my Vision Quests or in a group within my Signature Program, A Spiritual How-To _Empowering the Healer Within, my abilities as an energy shaman and energy chameleon, guide me directly to the epicenters that are ready to heal.

AND you can learn more about what DIVINATION is and how easy it is to do it in my Metaphysical Musings episode: “How and the 5 W’s of DIVINATION with Sandra Pelley!

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