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I am an energy shaman, an energy chameleon, following the flow of energy to the epicenters that are ready to facilitate healing on all levels.

I am an intuitive soul, bringing my own experiences into my teachings. Often working in the Quantum space, I step into a high level of awareness and my tools facilitate healing for you, over many aspects of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions. My Soul Readings are literally spiritual how to’s and a strong confirmation of the tools in my book, “A Spiritual How-To which is the cornerstone of what I bring to you and so much more… Whether stepping into singular sessions, working one on one in my Vision Quests or in a group within my Signature Program, A Spiritual How-To _Empowering the Healer Within, my abilities as an energy shaman and energy chameleon, guide me directly to the epicenters that are ready to heal.

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