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I am a full time practicing Shaman and Seer. My lifetimes have been filled with many shamanic initiations and rites of passage. I have harnessed the deep power of these rites and initiations and combined them in an alchemy that facilitates deep healing and growth in self, others, and the Earth.

Using my psychic abilities (tea leaves are often used) and my shamanic ceremonies, plant medicines, drumming journeys, teachings, and the medicines of my Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Mother Earth, I live in alignment with my authentic self and help guide others to do the same.

I live with my family on Sacred Land in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada. Here I wander on my land listening closely, collecting Medicines, strengthening my relationships with my Family, my Ancestors, and all the Spirits: the Trees, Power Animals, Totem Animals, Plants, Water, and Stones that reside on the Sacred Land with me. I walk in endless wonder and gratitude and invite you into my tribe.

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