Crystal Healing What, Why, and How (4 Video Series)

A thorough introduction to Crystal Healing including 4 Videos!

Learn what Crystal Healing is all about, how to use and choose Crystals, how to clear and charge your Crystals, and how to program your Crystals to help you with a specific healing purpose.

A thorough introduction to Crystal Healing including 4 Videos!

New to Crystal Healing or just want to learn more about it? In the first Video, Tina Dubois, Founder of Metaphysical School, answers what is a Crystal and what is Crystal Healing. Learn why and how Crystal Healing works, how to use Crystals as well as how they feel when you work with them. Learn how to choose Crystals based on attraction and for specific purpose.

Ever wondered why your Crystal just doesn’t feel the same as when you first started working with it? In the second Video, Tina answers what is Crystal Clearing, both why and when you might want to Clear your Crystals, how to choose one method over the others, as well as shares 13 different ways to do it.

Do your Crystals not feel as strong as they once did? In the third Video, Tina answers what is Crystal Charging and why you might want to do it as well shares how to choose which of the 13 different ways she demonstrates how to do it.

With all the different metaphysical properties Crystals have, how do you get a specific Crystal to help with a specific intent? In the last Video, Tina answers what does it mean to Program a Crystal as well as why, when, and how you can do it. She also shares what Crystals she recommends for her top 10 most requested Crystal Healing intents in the Crystal Prescriptions segment of the video.

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