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At the age of 33, my own intuitive and empath abilities “woke up” after a 15 year nap. I found myself with zero coping skills to function in an energetically overwhelming new reality. What I did was put my science degree-learned research skills to use and sought out the tips and techniques I’d need to not only function but flourish as an intuitive empath.

I founded Metaphysical School to share the lessons I’ve learned with those with similar stories and to create a video education and community platform for metaphysical teachers and students to connect, heal, learn, and grow together.

To learn even more about me, you can check out About Tina Dubois. And to learn more about how Metaphysical School came to be, you can check out the Metaphysical School Story.

AND you can learn more about my own consciousness theory and how it relates to matter and the holofractographic universe in my Metaphysical Musings episode: “6 Keys of Consciousness!

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Healer, Seeker, Mystic, Seer

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Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Human Energies, Universal Wisdom, Intuitive Abilities, Guides & Guardians, Divination, Astrology

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