Unconditional SELF-LOVE Workshop


Learn 8 ACTIONALBE steps to DEEPEN your inner-self relationship, EMBRACE unwavering self-acceptance, and EXPERIENCE unconditional SELF-LOVE!

This Workshop includes:
✨ A 90-minute replay recording of the live Workshop event including teaching and Q&A
✨ Carrie Farmer’s “Love Letter from Self” 2-Part Course Series
✨ 24 SELF-LOVE Quickies when you need a BURST of JOYFUL energy
✨ Downloadable and printable 4-week SELF-LOVE Action Plan Workbook

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Unconditional SELF-LOVE is a fully accepting, kind, and respectful relationship with yourself that deepens through decisions and actions that support your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and wellbeing.

WHY is developing unconditional SELF-LOVE important? Because it…
💜 Empowers you to make ideal decisions for you and your journey
💜 Improves your health, happiness, and sense of connectedness and wholeness
💜 Builds an inner confidence and resilience in overcoming life’s challenges
💜 Helps to heal your emotional wounds in a loving and accepting way
💜 Deepens the degree of love you can both give to and receive from others
💜 Shines loving energy outward, raising the vibration of everything around you

This Workshop is for YOU if you want to…
💗 DEEPEN your connection with your inner self
💗 RELEASE your self-sabotaging limiting beliefs
💗 INCREASE your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect
💗 PRIORITIZE your personal needs free of guilt
💗 TRANSFORM your inner critic into an empowering advocate
💗 IMPROVE and balance your emotional stability
💗 HEAL emotional wounds and work through triggers
💗 GROW your physical, emotional, and mental energy reserves

Some of the questions we answer during the Q&A are…
💙 How do you develop trust and confidence in your intuition?
💙 How do you choose YOURSELF in a committed, long-term relationship?
💙 How do you choose YOURSELF when you’re the primary caregiver for others?
💙 How do you embrace your Personal Power?
💙 How do you break cycles of codependent or narcissistic relationships?

More about Carrie Farmer’s “Love Letter from Self” 2-Part Course Series:
In this Course Series, you’ll learn how to do a “Love Letter From Self” intuitive journaling exercise to connect more intimately with your most important relationship: your HIGHER SELF! You’ll learn to practice presence with your own inner guidance, allowing this deeper inner knowing into your conscious awareness so it can encourage and support every area of your life. You’ll use divination resources you already love and trust with new exercises to shift your perspective and expand upon what you already know to be TRUE. You’ll develop new ways to connect more intimately with your higher self, receiving wise advice whenever you might need it!
You can click HERE to learn more about Carrie’s “Love Letter from Self” 2-Part Course Series


More about Metaphysical School Teacher, Carrie Farmer:
Carrie is an Intuitive Encouragement Coach and creator of the Soul Life Treasure Hunt™ Board Game System for Personal Life Coaching and Intuitive Connections. Her passion is encouraging sensitive souls to stand tall and strong in their natural transformational gifts to the world. She has transcended many personal challenges and loves to share how to trust self-actualization as a process; which is an important part of personal self-mastery. Her focus is on how our potential for growth and development requires tapping into the sensitive, empathic part of our inner being.
You can click HERE to learn more about Carrie


More about Metaphysical School Founder, Tina Dubois:
Tina teaches and coaches a variety of metaphysical topics including soul purpose embodiment, intuitive development, empath skills, and crystal healing. In 2010, she went through what she calls an “intuitive awakening” where her intuitive and empath abilities “woke up” after a 15-year nap. Having zero coping skills to function in an energetically overwhelming new reality, she put her science degree-learned research skills to use and sought out the tips and techniques she needed to not only function but flourish as an intuitive empath. Tina founded Metaphysical School to share the lessons she learned with other awakened souls and to create an education and community platform for metaphysical teachers and students to connect with each other, so we can all heal, learn, and grow together.
You can click HERE to learn more about Tina