About the Founder

Hi, my name is Tina Dubois and I’m the founder of Metaphysical School.

I love to learn and my soul calling is to share that knowledge and wisdom with others. 

Welcome! I invite you to take a look around the School and, if you’re interested, you can learn a bit more about me here…

Tina Dubois

Who am I?

I’m a teacher, coach, writer, and healing practitioner with a fierce passion for learning. I’m an intuitive and empathic highly-sensitive person (HSP) with a soul calling to help others with sensitivity superpowers. I’m a mountain-loving puppy mommy to two beautiful husky mix rescues.

I teach and coach a variety of metaphysical topics including soul purpose embodiment, intuitive development, empath skills, and crystal healing. In 2010, I went through my first intuitive awakening where my intuitive and empath abilities “woke up” after a 15-year nap. Having zero coping skills to function in an energetically overwhelming new reality, I put my science degree-learned research skills to use and sought out the tips and techniques I needed to not only function but flourish as an intuitive empath.

I founded Metaphysical School to share the lessons I’ve learned with other awakened souls and to create an education and community platform for metaphysical teachers and students to connect with each other, so we can all heal, learn, and grow together while we AWAKEN with EASE.

Why Metaphysical School?

One of the many reasons I’ve created Metaphysical School is to boldly set an example of accepting and sharing one’s divine purpose and authentic self.

Coming out of the metaphysical closet, as it were, was a scary prospect for me not so many years ago. After completing two science degrees, it was difficult to reawaken to the metaphysical gifts that I’d denied for so long in order to cope in an often overstimulating world, let alone share that aspect of myself with the people in my life who identified me as a down-to-earth, science-type of person. 

But after much encouragement from close friends and mentors, the time came for me to step into my truth and share my journey of self-discovery and ultimate acceptance with those who may be embarking on similar journeys of their own.

To honor the many mentors I’ve had along the way, I wanted to create a platform where other teachers could also share their knowledge and wisdom; the concept of Metaphysical School was born…

To learn more about how the School came to be, I invite you to check out the Metaphysical School story.

Some of my Video Courses...

My Intuitive Gifts

My most developed intuitive gift is that of clairvoyance with an ability to see a person’s soul aura, self-described as a visual representation of color and shape of an individual’s archetypes, soul contracts, and profound personal shifts experienced along one’s journey.

I continue to develop my other intuitive gifts of clairsentience, claircognizance, and clauraudience with practice of continuing to learn to “listen”.

My favorite intuitive practice is that of discernment, in answering the question, “Does this resonate with me?”

As you explore the Courses here, I invite you to practice using your own intuitive abilities, asking yourself the same question.

Does this resonate with YOU?

I invite you to join us to AWAKEN with EASE and become confident, connected, centered, and aligned on the next steps of your enlightenment journey!

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