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Join our Fabulous Faculty...

Are you a Metaphysical Teacher and interested in...

  • Teaching online and serving a global community of awakened souls;
  • Increasing exposure to your online offerings through a variety of marketing opportunities;
  • Adding video production skills and materials to your business assets;
  • Collaborating with a supportive faculty of wholistic business leaders; and/or
  • Supplementing your revenue with passive income from the sale of your Courses?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we invite you to continue reading to learn more about the next steps in joining our fabulous Metaphysical School faculty!

Metaphysical School Goals

The School has two main goals:

  1. To help intuitive souls who feel afraid, alone, overwhelmed, or lost AWAKEN into being wise, connected, centered, and aligned on the next steps of their enlightenment journey.
  2. To help metaphysical teachers and wholistic business owners share their wisdom and market their offerings so they can fulfill their soul’s calling and realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

What's Involved in Being a Teacher?

Teacher Participation

Teacher participation involves the production of 20-30 minute long, non-exclusive Video Courses, which can be created singly or in a series, to allow topics to be explored as in depth as desired. Faculty are welcome to participate in community activities as much or as little as resonates with them and there is no financial commitment to join.

New Teachers have three months to produce their first Video Course. During that time, they’re profile page displays “Future Teacher” and they are welcome to participate in School Groups and Forums.

Marketing and Sales

We will announce new Video Course launches via the Metaphysical School home page, social media accounts, as well as Metaphysical School News emails. Teachers are not required to pay for any School marketing and we will pursue a number of marketing avenues to maximize Video Course sales.

Every Video Course purchase will net the contributing Teacher $4 USD, regardless of Student Discounts or Course Credits used to purchase them.


About joining the Metaphysical School faculty...

The School has a Content Licensing Agreement that states that all video materials are submitted on a non-exclusive, non-revocable term. This means that the Teacher owns the rights to their video materials and the School licenses the use of the materials for sale and marketing purposes.

There is no financial cost to be a Teacher at Metaphysical School. The only cost is in your Video production time and resources as well as any time you wish to share with the community.

YES! Teachers receive $24 for AWAKENED Membership purchase referrals. These are accrued as affiliate rewards until a Future Teacher submits their first Video Course, and then are paid out with their Course sales payments after they’ve become Forever Faculty.

We’re always happy to accept Teacher referrals. If you know a metaphysical teacher who might be interested in joining our Faculty, you’re welcome to share the School website with them. Alternatively, you are welcome to share the individual’s website or social media account with the School and we can contact them.

The School strives for the diversity of many voices. Different teaching styles resonate with different people. We are hoping to attract many Teachers who teach the same Subjects so that we can offer a variety of teaching styles and voices.

Speaking in a Masterclass event is open to all our Faculty members. Prior to a Masterclass, the School Founder, Tina Dubois, will notify all current Faculty what the event and webinar topics will be along with an invitation to participate.

On Video Production...

If you need help with your Video production, we’ve created a Video Production Guide and Video Checklist to make it as easy as possible to make your first Video Course, which you’ll be able to access through our Teacher’s Lounge School Group.

We also have pre-recorded a number of our monthly Teacher Conference Zoom Calls on various Video production topics to help you with specific topics like recording a Video from a computer presentation, etc.

Some specifics on Video Course production include:

  • All Metaphysical School Videos must be 20-30 minutes long and cost $8 each, ensuring consistent price per content expectations for the Student as well as consistent returns on Teacher Video production time.
  • Up to the first 4 minutes of every Video will be free to preview on the website so Students know and resonate with the voice and teaching style before purchase.
  • Videos can be offered singly and/or in a series for more in-depth teachings.
  • Videos should be produced with high-quality audio and video in mind (specific minimum requirements can be found on our Video Requirements and Tips page).
  • Extra material, in the form of PDFs, are welcome but not necessary and will be available to Students along with their Video purchase.

Want to Learn More?

Send us a message to find out the next steps in becoming a Metaphysical School Teacher: 

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