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Video Organization

Video Courses

Video Courses are organized into 8 Subjects with multiple subtopics within. They are taught by a single Teacher, are all 20-30 minutes long, and all cost $8 to access.

Video Series

Video Series are packages of multiple Video Courses so that you can progress within a topic. Series may be taught by one Teacher or contain Courses from many Teachers.


Masterclasses are 90+ minute Video replay recordings of one of our live webinar events where multiple Teachers share their wisdom on the topic and also cost $8 to access.

Human Energies

Currently including the chakras, meridians, the divine feminine, the human energy field, enlightenment, emotional balance, emotional transformation, mental repatterning, and potential realization.

Universal Wisdom

Currently including numerology, archetypes, the law of attraction, the violet ray, and ancient Egyptian wisdom.

Guides & Guardians

Currently including Archangels.


Video Courses for Astrology are coming soon. Please enjoy some of our other Video Courses in the meantime.

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