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Answers about why and how the School works...

Video Courses cost extra so that the School can pay our Teachers for their wisdom and video production time. The membership plans cover the costs for running the website and paying School staff. Both of these costs are low to make the School as affordable as possible.

For every $8 Video Course, the Teacher who produced the Video receives $4. For Video Series, the Teacher also receives half of the cost of the Series. The other half goes towards running the website, paying School staff, and marketing.

Some Video Courses are listed more than once because the wisdom covered in that course fits within more than one Subject. Also, some Video Courses are included in Video Series, which are bundles of Video Courses to make progressing in a Subject or Subtopic easier.

If you’re interested in joining the faculty, please do check out our Teach webpage where we share more details about how to join the faculty and what benefits there are to joining.

All individual Video Courses cost $8 and are all 20-30 minutes long so that Students receive a consistent price per content and that Teachers receive a consistent return on their video production time. If a Course is listed for more than $8, it is a Video Series including a number of Video Courses (all Video Series will be $8 times the number of Video Courses included).

A Video Course is a 20-30 minute Video produced by one of our fabulous faculty. A Masterclass is a 90+ minute Video including wisdom shared by a number of Teachers and is a replay recording of a LIVE webinar included in a special event (e.g., the ENERGY EMPOWERMENT Masterclass). 

Theme FAQ

Answers about why the platform looks the way it does...

When School founder, Tina Dubois, first experienced whole consciousness, it looked like a beautiful, cosmic universe with colorful stars, nebulas, and galaxies. This experience was one of the many that contributed to the creation of the School and she thought it wholly appropriate to represent her Metaphysical School.

If you have noticed the theme of 8 around the School, this is by design and not by accident. Eight is the number of abundance, it is a deeply spiritual number, and it represents balance and infinity. (Also, it’s Tina’s birthday and favorite number.)


Answers about technical and member issues...

The recommended step as a new member is to personalize your profile page: add a profile and cover photo, tell us a little about yourself and your metaphysical interests. Then go exploring! Check out the Groups and Forums. Browse the Video Courses and choose your first Courses to watch. Enjoy the journey!

As the School is a relatively new platform, if you find a bug, we’d love it if you could let us know about it so we can fix it. You are welcome to email us at should you wish to let us know about a technical issue or need any technical support. We’re here to help.

The website requires javascript to display properly, if you have javascript disabled, you could try allowing it for the site. You can also try viewing the website in Chrome if another browser isn’t working quite right.

You must be a member and have paid for access to view Video Course content. If there’s a Course you’d like to watch, simply enroll in Metaphysical School and purchase that Course.

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Contact us to ask any questions you may have about Metaphysical School, we’re happy to help.

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