Metaphysical School Story

It was quite the journey to develop the School’s platform with a lot of thought in its creation.

If you’d like to know more about how I, the founder Tina Dubois, came up with the idea of the School and why it works the way it does, I invite you read the story here…


The initial idea...

The entire concept for Metaphysical School came to me all at once on my drive home from my first ever psychotherapy appointment. I think the session unlocked something inside me that had been stuck for a long time. My soul purpose had finally been able to reveal itself to me and the School is the expression of that realization.

As mentioned in the about me webpage, I love to learn, but what my archetypes and personality allow me to specialize in is information assimilation, organization, and dissemination. When I spoke these words aloud for the first time in that appointment, that self-discovery opened the door to my soul calling. I realized that all the lessons I had learned before that point, metaphysical and otherwise, had lead me to that epiphany. 

I’m a teacher but I’m also a student. I wanted to create a place where I could share my knowledge and wisdom on the subjects I’m most passionate about, meaning those that have helped me in my own healing and personal growth journey. But I also wanted to create a place where I can learn more from other teachers from around the world!

I wanted this place to be ACCESSIBLE to anyone who is interested in learning, so it needs to be online rather than at a physical location.
And it needs to be AFFORDABLE so that students only need a passion for learning to enjoy the benefits joining the community and taking the Courses.

Teachers from around the world...

I’m a student of metaphysical knowledge and wisdom so I’ve brought together a fabulous Faculty of passionately enlightening Teachers who will help YOU to AWAKEN with EASE in our interactive and supportive community.

Creating deeper connections...

During my intensely shocking intuitive awakening, I desperately searched for answers that might help me cope with the new and often overwhelming sensitivities I was dealing with.

I sought a community of energetic sensitives, intuitives, and empaths (even though I didn’t even know at the time that these were the words for those I was looking for) that had gone through what I was going through and could help me with their tips, wisdom, and stories.

I am deeply grateful for the connections I made during that time and feel a profound desire to create that community of supportive awakened souls to help others who are experiencing their own intuitive awakenings.

Awakening together to ease the journey for our community of awakened Healers, Seekers, Mystics, and Seers!

Does this resonate with YOU?

I invite you to join us to AWAKEN with EASE and become confident, connected, centered, and aligned on the next steps of your enlightenment journey!

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